Motorola confirmed all the leaks about the new Razr phone

Many people are nostalgic about the era of flip phones. Those were light, affordable, their battery lasted for days and the unique way to answer a call by simply flipping the screen up was fashionable.

One of the most representative phones of this generation is the Motorola Razr, which is one of the best looking phones of all time.

An awaited comeback

People have been wondering whether flip phones will ever be brought back to the market or not and over time, rumors and leaks regarding a new Motorola Razr flip phone surfaced.

Motorola has officially just confirmed the design of the 2019 Razr by changing the cover picture of their official US and India Twitter account with an image of the following Moto Razr phone.

The picture shows a thick side profile with a remarkable chin. A big part of the hinge mechanism is visible and a camera bump is also present. The power and volume buttons are placed at the upper half of the device.

Technical data

Leaks about the specifications of the new Razr hint that it will be bundled with an octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 chipset. There will be two options regarding RAM size: 4GB and 6GB. There will be two storage options: 64GB or 128GB all powered by a 2730 mAh battery.

The Razr is a foldable phone and it will feature a 600*800 pixel cover display and, when folded out, the panel will be about 6.2 inches wide.

The Razr is a bold move from Motorola, as the foldable phone business consists mainly of a niche market and other rivals already produce some potent foldable phones. However, the evolution of the sales of the new Razr and user feedback will tell whether Motorola did a smart thing or a big mistake.

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