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Motorola Moto Plus G8 Latest Leaks and Specs – What’s New?

Moto G8 Plus is expected to be released by Motorola later this month in Brazil, and a later release in Europe will occur. Fans of the old Chicago-based company have plenty of reasons to be excited about the Moto G8 Plus since leaks are showing us some impressive capabilities for the future smartphone.

The German site WinFuture has shared with us the specs of the new Motorola phone. And they look absolutely sweet.

Generous camera

The cameras are capable of some impressive operations. There will be a 48MP primary sensor with 16MP wide-angle lens that can cover 117° view.

The third shooter of the phone will have a 5MP depth sensor. On the back, the camera module will have an autofocus system based on laser. The front camera for selfies will also be pretty impressive: 25MP.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 SoC

The phone is anticipated to have an octa Qualcomm Snapdragon 665SoC processor, 4GB of RAM, and storage in two variants: 64 GB and 128 GB. If, for some reason, you need even more storage memory, you can expand it by buying and inserting a microSD card.

A big 6.3-inch IPS Full HD+ display with screen resolution at 2280x1080pixels will also be present on the new Motorola phone.

The operating system will be Android Pie on version 9.0.

The battery rocks

You will be able to use Motorola Moto Plus G8 for a whole day at heavy usage since the battery has 4,000mAh. And we have to admit that such a big amount of time to use is a lot for a smartphone nowadays.

Unfortunately, until now we don’t know anything about the price, but the mystery will be unveiled very soon. All we have to do now is wait for the Moto G8 Plus smartphone to be unveiled fully. Will fans love it more than they love Moto E6s, which was released by Motorola in September?



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