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Motorola Razr 2019 Newest Leaks Available

The Motorola Razr was one of the most iconic phones of the previous decades, selling millions of units during its lifetime.

The company has announced a reworked version of the device which should have been released earlier in 2019, but the date has been shifted to the end of the year. A lot of work has been spent on the development of the phone, which should offer a flexible screen, allowing owners to fold it. Patents for the technology employed by Motorola were spotted a couple of years ago.

The device follows the latest trend of flexible devices, which was introduced by Huawei and Samsung. Both companies promised that they would release a smartphone with a flexible display this year, but they failed to deliver.

Many people were interested in the idea of a smart Razr device that retained the classic looks. As expected, Motorola faces the same issues as Samsung and Huawei before it, namely technical challenges posed by the need to manufacture a display that is solid and flexible at the same time.

A long-time has passed since the glory days of the Razr, but Motorola is confident that the endeavor will be quite successful.  The device is marketed as a high-end offering, and it looks like Motorola wants to test the waters of the luxury segment. In practice this means that a premium price tag should accompany the device.

This may come as a surprise for some potential customers since the Razr brand was accessible in the past, a trait that played an important role in the success of the line. A luxury segment hasn’t been an important focus for Motorola in the past, and a lot of resources will be spent on advertising to convince users to buy it.

Online feedback has been positive for one, and it seems that the market is interested. It is expected that the smartphone will be released in the following months.



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