Motorola’s Following Flagship Might Feature A Stylus

  • Many rumors regarding a new flagship device from Motorola are appearing online as days pass. A newly leaked picture gave us a sneak peek of the looks of the phone, potentially confirming that it is going to pack an integrated stylus.

The tipster

Most of the information originates from a tweet that was posted by well-known tipster Evan Blass, who was previously behind the leak of an upcoming Motorola Edge Plus.

There is space for a flagship device at the top of Motorola’s lineup. 

The Lenovo-based company has focused their efforts in recent years, including devices like the Motorola One Zoom.

The upcoming device might be a game-changer, mainly because we have been hearing about a premium Motorola device for months now. 

The only information that was leaked so far (except for the previously mentioned image) is the fact that the device will be available in the US from Verizon. However, this leaves a lot of gaps unclear.

A new beginning

Motorola is indeed working on getting their revamped Motorola Razr ready for the masses, as it is expected to see the first devices be shipped at the beginning of February. Even though the clamshell foldable phone has surprising looks, the specifications are not that remarkable. 

The following flagship device from Motorola will definitely pack a stylus, which is an infrequent feature in the smartphone world, thus being a selling point for the handheld. 

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