Mozilla Firefox 79 Adds Redesigned UI and Dark Mode For Android Only

Mozilla has begun rolling out its redesigned variant of the Firefox browser and dubbed Fenix to the stable channel on Google Play Store. With this update, Firefox is ending its old user interface on Android.

Mozilla surely wants to improve users’ experiences, so the recent update was more than necessary. Here is what you need to know. 

Mozilla Firefox 79 New Features: What to Expect

The new Firefox update adds the upgraded GeckoView engine, a smooth dark mode, bottom address bar, Collections (Mozilla’s implementation of Tab Groups), and more. The update version number is 79.0.0.

The rollout isn’t a surprise since Mozilla’s plans to simplify its browser series on Android were announced previously this year. Mozilla started with the removal of old Firefox Nightly and Firefox Preview Nightly, thereby setting the stage to welcome the recent update.

A great privacy-centered feature worth mentioning is that Firefox 79 sets Enhanced Tracking Protection to Strict by default. According to devs, such a setting blocks cross-site tracking cookies and limits social media trackers, fingerprinters, crypto miners, and tracking content. 

One feature of this Firefox update is that not everyone would appreciate the limited availability of extensions. While the previous Firefox came with support for many add-ons across multiple categories, this update supports only nine of them. 

The extensions available are: 

  • uBlock Origin;
  • HTTPS Everywhere;
  • Search by Image;
  • Privacy Badger;
  • Privacy Possum;
  • Dark Reader;
  • YouTube High Definition;
  • Decentraleyes;
  • NoScript Security Suite. 

We could expect Mozilla to bridge the extension gap soon. However, more information and support is now available on the official Firefox webpage.

Other Mozilla Firefox Features Worth Exploring

Mozilla Firefox is a praised browser, mainly because of these cool features:

  • search everything with the address bar/unified search;
  • private browsing with improved tracking protection;
  • keep everything in sync;
  • customize the menu or the toolbar;
  • enjoy sleek media shortcuts;
  • stay secured with the best malware and phishing protection;
  • smart bookmarks.

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