MX Player 1.22.8 Update Rolled Out With New Features And Improvements

We might live in the age of streaming, but the popular method of accessing media content may not be available for everyone due to a variety of reasons, including poor internet connection or steep data plans. Today, we’ll talk about the latest MX Player update for Android.

About MX Player

Many smartphone owners continue to download media files on their devices, with a great advantage being represented by the fact that they can access their content at all times without the need to be connected to the internet. However, an excellent media player is required to enjoy this content, and MX Player is one of the best.

By harnessing the hardware present in your device, the app can use hardware acceleration to decode videos and offer an improved experience for the user. MX Player comes with the ability to several of the processing cores present on your device for decoding, and the speed at which the task takes place is higher by 70% in comparison to the one experienced when only a single core is used.

Users will also love the ability to zoom-in or zoom-out from a video with the help of intuitive touch gestures. Found a scene where an interesting object is in the background? Zoom-in, take a good look and zoom-out in a few seconds without the need to pause the video or take a screenshot. It is also easy to customize the way in which subtitles are displayed by using gestures to scroll the text, change its position, or the size in a dynamic way.

MX Player 1.22.8 comes with new features

MX Player includes native support for file-sharing, allowing users to send their favorite content to other devices without the need to use an internet connection or wait a long time for Bluetooth transfers. A large variety of files can be shared, including pictures, videos, songs, and much more.
Engage the kids to lock to allow children to watch content without the need to worry.

The MX Player 1.22.8 update comes with the ability to access the entire core feature from the Navigation Drawer. Support for file transfers has been extended to all file formats.

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