MX Player 1.29.0 Beta Update Brings New Performance Improvements

Many smartphone owners love to use their device to watch media content, especially in the age of streaming, which brings your favorite shows at your disposal with a few taps.

However, for some smartphone users streaming is not an option due to a variety of reasons.  In some cases, they may live in an area where they don’t have access to a reliable internet connection. It is also possible that they have a limited data cap, which also prevents streaming.

Playing files with MX Player

To overcome this limitation, some smartphone owners prefer to download media files directly on their devices and open them with the help of a media player app. MX Player is one of the best media player apps in the world as it comes with a robust set of features that makes it a great choice.

One of the main highlights is represented by the presence of hardware acceleration and multi-core decoding, which allows the app to deliver an increased playback performance as it can take advantage of all the CPU cores present on your smartphone.

Intuitive features

With the help of an accessible user interface, anyone can use MX Player, even if they are new to media playing apps or veteran tech-savvy users. A convenient pinch to zoom in and out the system as wall as pan gestures will make the playback experience even better.

Customize the way in which subtitles work with subtitles gestures, as you can scroll to move the text forward and backward, drag it across the screen or change the its size almost instantly. Sharing is caring, and by using the MX File Sharing feature users can share large media files, including full albums and HD movies, at fast speeds.

The latest update for the app, 1.29.0 beta, comes with bug fixes and performance improvements.

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