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NASA Released the Artemis Accords For Future Space Missions

We’ll finally be traveling back to the Moon in less than a few years. But with almost 50 years in between the last journey and the upcoming one, a lot of things have changed. Now, we have private companies that became a significant part of space projects, and we’ve witnessed the rise of some international space agencies. 

All these changes made NASA release a new set of agreements, so it established the Artemis Accords. This standard set of principles and ideas to govern the space exploration was needed to keep track of what space agencies decide to do in outer space. 

NASA Released a Set of Rules for Outer Space Missions

The Artemis Accords include transparency, peace, and interoperability. The international space agencies that team up with NASA in the Artemis program will do such a thing by fulfilling bilateral Artemis Accords agreements, which will define a shared view for principles. But, there are some very intriguing agreements for space amateurs, too. 

For instance, NASA is demanding all international parts agree to share their scientific information and register all the space objects publicly. Without such registration, coordination to bypass destructive interference cannot happen at all. An excerpt from the Artemis Accords reads: “The Artemis Accords reinforces the critical nature of registration and urges any partner who isn’t already a member of the Registration Convention to join as soon as possible.”

Currently, almost 87 % of all probes, landers, satellites, and other sent space objects have been registered with the United Nations Register of Objects Launched into Outer Space. Available access for scientific information and registering space objects support the hobby space community observe the Universe and sometimes detect cosmic features that even NASA can’t. 

The Artemis Accords comprises a lot of significant lessons for the next steps of space exploration. And even a lot has changed, there are things such as peace and cooperation, that stay the same.



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