Natural Lifespan Boosts Lifespan In Mice

A new study on mice argues that middle-aged individuals who received a supplement of a natural metabolite known as alpha-ketoglutarate to their diet enjoyed a better quality of life when they became older as their health remained stable, and they were less prone to diseases or disabilities.

Previous research has inferred has inferred that levels of AKG found in blood plasma can drop by upt to ten times due to the aging progress. Fasting and regular exercises can boost the production of the metabolite, which isn’t encountered in regular diets.

Boosting the healthspan

The major goal of new methods that seek to alleviate aging problems is to improve the healthspan. Some of the mice observed during experiments experience a longer lifespan by up to 12%, while the healthspan enjoyed a significant boost of over 40%.

Another key element of the research is to reduce disease and frailty as much as possible, with positive effects being observed during the study, with noticeable improvements being observed even in the case of mice that died earlier than expected. The absence of disabilities is a major target since an extended lifespan without the ability to enjoy it would not be beneficial or attractive.

The role of AKG

AKG plays a major role in a significant number of physiological processes as it contributes to the proper functioning of the metabolic system, collagen and protein synthesis, and the generation of stem cells. It is also popular among athletes as it slows the breakdown of proteins found in muscles.

In most cases, female mice fared better than males when they received the supplement as the condition of their fur coat, and its color was considerably better after the treatment began. A clinical trial which involves participant between the age of 45 to 65 years old is currently in the early stages of planning.

More information can be found in the study, which was published in a scientific journal.

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