NBA 2k20 Speed and Badge Progression Issues

After the launch of the game NBA2K20, the developers have hidden behind closed doors in order to try and fix the problems of the game. And there are some. On Monday, the team released another pack of bug fixes, which addressed the issues from speed disparity and badge progression.

Why badge progression?

Badge progression is one of the most frustrating things about this game because it takes almost forever to grind them. And here we are only talking about one single badge. There is no such thing as multi-badge in this game, so you need to grind them individually.

Why speed?

Speed is also an unpleasant thing for players since bigs are moving just as fast as the guards, thing that makes it impossible to get past the defense and attack the basket. Developers have addressed the issue, so it should not be a problem anymore.

But NBA2K20 is still not in the safe zone after fixing some of the problems

This solution won’t save them all. It is not entirely clear if they will be able to survive this situation, that they have put themselves in. The park is still the same one. Some parts of the gameplay are again broken. Even the fadeaway jumpers don’t work as they are supposed to. Microtransactions are still the very same unconcealed gambling from the game.

Is the game NBA2K20 a mess?

In-game monetization is still not a process that we usually do, because government bodies could investigate it. So “NBA2K20” is trying to see where are the limits with this one. Microtransactions are not an option right now.

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