Netflix Is Not Working – Here’s How To Fix The Issues With The Streaming Service

Netflix is amazing. It has countless hours worth of content that help you say goodbye to boredom.

Unfortunately, just like any other streaming service, Netflix experiences occasional issues that sometimes ruin the experience for some users.

It’s disappointing to be unable to watch your favorite show when you have some time to spare.

We are here to show you some of the most frequent Netflix issues and attempt to fix them.

General Steps

Those are the steps you generally have to follow when your device cannot correctly run Netflix:

  • Troubleshoot your device.
  • Analyze an outage map from a specialized site like DownDetector and see if the same problem was reported by other users in your area or nearby region.
  • If an error code is displayed, make sure to look it up. A forum page that addressed the same issue will be available in many cases, and you’ll likely find a solution.
  • If you are faced with a black screen, check Netflix’s official page for official status.
  • Contact the Netflix help center if you still can’t fix the problem. Experts will help you from there.

Quick Fixes

One of the simplest methods of fixing the “Netflix is down” issue often gets overlooked – In many cases, simply signing out and then signing back in will make the streaming service usable again.

Alternatively, if the problem is manifesting on a mobile device, you can reinstall the app.

However, make sure that you restart your device before you attempt reinstalling the app. Restarting a smartphone resets specific app data, which, in turn, makes the app work properly again.

Make sure that your device’s operating system is up to date. Having an outdated or obsolete version of an operating system typically causes apps to malfunction or fail to work at all.

Network-Related Issues

In some cases, both Netflix and your device are working as they should, but your internet connection prevents them from working correctly. A slow internet connection prevents Netflix from loading in time or stream video in the resolution you prefer.

Try an internet speed tool like to check your internet connection speed. It should be at least 5 MB/s for Netflix to work correctly.

Other Causes

Sometimes, Netflix fails to work due to Browser incompatibility.

It would help if you considered changing your browser, but first clear browser history and refresh, which can solve the problem.

If you conclude that your device and internet connection are not problematic, you should expect it to be resolved soon. It might probably be because of some server downtime for maintenance or other reasons. Netflix takes good care of its clients, so the problem will probably last for a few minutes to half an hour. Patience is key!

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