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Netflix Tips — How to Turn Off the Autoplay Preview Function

One of the most popular and used video streaming platforms, Netflix, has a lot of features for users. One of the remarkable features of the platform is the autoplay preview on videos to each account.

About the autoplay preview function in Netflix

The autoplay preview feature means that a little trailer of the show, movie, and animation will play automatically. Until now, many users had reported this feature as an issue. Many of them want to turn off the autoplay, but Netflix wouldn’t have a turn-off button for this. Now the platform is introducing changes about the auto-play previews.

Having the possibility to turn off the autoplay can help users save a lot of data in the first place. Sometimes it is annoying, loud, and you have to scroll down or mute the trailer. But when more than 167 million users are complaining about the feature, it means that something must change.

In its defense, Netflix is saying that the previews have the purpose of helping users to find the next movie or show to watch. But things are not working like this all the time. So, after hard work, users can now turn off the autoplay preview.

How to Turn Off the Autoplay Preview Function in Netflix

Moreover, we will help you with all the information to complete this process. The changes will work only in the browser, not in the app from the phone. Start by accessing and sign in.

From the Who’s Watching the screen, go on Manage Profiles, and choose your profile. Click on Edit Profile – Autoplay Controls – uncheck Autoplay Previews while browsing on all devices – Save – Done.

As shown above, you can now turn off the autoplay preview on Netflix, and the changes you will do in the browser will have the same effect on your mobile app.



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