New Ad-tracking Chrome Extension is Now Available: What Should You Know

Google Chrome recently added a new ad-tracking extension and is said to be the greatest thing so far. 

The addition is now available as an alpha version and is expected to highlight the types of user data utilized to inform personalized advertising efforts. Here is what you need to know.

Chrome Introduces the Ads Transparency Spotlight Extension

The Ads Transparency Spotlight extension recently added to Google Chrome is developed to shine a light on the mechanisms behind bespoke ad campaigns that target a particular user’s needs and wants. And all of that is based on a variety of data held collected on that user. 

The latest Google Chrome extension unveils the number of ads present on any given webpage, like the precise data types utilized to determine which ads are served (location, gender, age, interests, and more), and the companies involved in serving those ads. The Ads Transparency Spotlight is now available on the Google Chrome Web Store. 

Furthermore, the most recent addition draws its data from the Ad Disclosure Schema API, which offers advertisers a means of releasing information about how their ad campaigns run. And since not all advertisers utilize the API, the Ads Transparency Spotlight is limited for now. But, Google believes the schema will be adopted soon by other companies operating in the ad industry. 

“The extension only shows information about those ads purchased through Google Ads that have implemented the Ads Transparency Spotlight (Alpha) Data Disclosure schema,” says the GitHub listing.

Working to enhance user privacy and the broader ads environment, Google has also launched a new API developed to address issues related to receding support for third-party cookies. Even if cookies are utilized widely by advertisers to track users’ web activity, they’re also useful for preventing fraudulent transactions online. The latest Trust Token Api runs around such an issue. 

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