New Chrome OS Features Target Enterprise Users

Chrome OS has been quite popular since its release, as it allows regular and enterprise users to repurpose old laptops and give them a second chance at being useful. This can be quite handy for companies who had access to old laptops that could be distributed among workers.

Since many companies have shifted to a work from home policy in recent months, many employees have enjoyed the perks of Chrome OS, which can run a lot of productivity apps in the cloud.

Optimized for enterprise use

A shift towards cloud computing has been around in recent years, but the pandemic has encouraged more companies to make the switch, especially since it is likely that some people will continue to work from home for a long time, as the pandemic continues to spread across the world.

Google has decided to help companies by introducing new features for corporate-grade users, and one of the major highlights is the introduction of a readiness tool that can be used to tell which apps are compatible with Chrome OS more easily. Three compatibility results are available: green for fully-compatible apps, yellow for apps that might be compatible, and red for apps that aren’t compatible.

New features

Another great change is represented by Parallels support for Chrome OS, which allows a company that relies on Windows-based programs to use them on Chrome OS computers with the help of virtual machines. While Chromebooks with superior hardware are needed to make use of the feature, it is great to have more flexibility.

Google will also offer access to a selection of apps that have been certified as compatible with Chrome OS, including popular tools like Zoom and Palo Alto Networks. Virtual work areas will offer the option to transfer files quickly with the help of a drag-and-drop approach, and new Chrome improvements will add more features in the future.

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