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New Crysis Remastered Video Reveal Incredible Ray Tracing Skills

Crysis Remastered is one of those games that pushed the limits of hardware since the beginning. It did so much that it led to the meme, “Can it run Crysis?” 

The game continues to stay relevant and surprise fans with the most recent tech and other capabilities that games nowadays need so much.

Now, the game is leaning even more into its meme status as a graphical powerhouse, adding ray tracing to take the gaming experience to another level. Here is what you need to know.

Crysis Remastered and the Ray Tracing Tech: What We Should Expect

The ray tracing is starting to appear already in several game titles on PC and is being displayed as part of next-gen console sizzle reels to attract players to upgrade. Well-established games such as Fortnite will soon introduce ray tracing to improve the visual experience. The dynamic lighting that this tech comes with is an advancement that subtly brings realism in such a way that a game’s world becomes so unique.

Now, Crysis Remastered is the one that introduces the ray tracing tech to current generation consoles, the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro. Reaching the capabilities that ray tracing offers, the game will push these consoles to their limit, using some smart optimizations of the hardware, too, to produce the effect. You can watch the video below.

Limiting the ray tracing effect to a close radius to the player is only one way to save power. And rendering the reflections ray tracing makes at a lower resolution is another. 

If players won’t choose the full ray tracing experience, Crysis Remastered comes with three other sleek graphic modes to pick from, so players can feel free to go with the features they like the most.

Crysis Remastered continues to make the most out of hardware, embracing its meme status, more than ever. The game was launched on Nintendo Switch and PC. The Xbox One and PS4 variants will arrive on September 18. 




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