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New DualShock 4 attachment adds customizable buttons around back

This new gadget helps gamers from contorting their finger in intensive moments when timing is extremely crucial.

Sony increases customization

Sony is working hard on increasing the level of customization available late into the duty cycle of the PS4. The Japanese company revealed a DualShock 4 Back Button Attachment which lets users map two of the controller’s buttons for quicker and easier to reach locations on its back, designated for those who do not want to lift their finger to reload or perform a certain task / command. There are up to three different profiles available and a special OLED screen on the back which shows the current setup.


The add-on is compatible with “all of your favorite PS4 and PlayStation VR” games, according to Sony. The clip-on features a headset passthrough to facilitate talk with gaming-mates. 

Release date

The device will be available for purchase starting from January 23rd $30 ($40 CAD), which will be released in Europe on February 14th for €30. The pricing is acceptable enough and it might be worthwhile for those who are competitive and care about functionality but do not want to replace the entire controller with a specially crafted advanced controller.

The timing isn’t  that great because the release of the PlayStation 5 is less than a year away and it’s unclear whether the next DualShock controller will support this accessory or not. People who plan on using the accessory for years to come just have to hope that Sony will decide to embed future compatibility with it. 



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