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New Edge Features Make It A Better Adversary For Chrome

The new version of the Edge browser has been a hit among users, replacing Mozilla Firefox from the second position in the desktop browser market. Microsoft is quite keen on making the Edge more competitive, as new features will be released.

One of the latest changes is being tested in a new Edge Canary developer build. Called Web Capture, the feature allows users to take a screenshot of a web page in full or cropped versions and to preview it or make a clipboard copy.

Handy changes

For now, the Web Capture feature can be used to save or share the image, but  Microsoft may add annotation, which would be a great productivity boon since it will be more convenient to add text or drawings directly on the screenshot instead of adding a separate message.

Microsoft is also focusing on new security features. Alerts will be displayed by the Edge password monitor if a compromised password will be detected. Users will also have the option to hide or show the favorites bar by accessing the favorites management page.

Better for remote work

The 85 update, which was released last week, includes several features for those who work at home. Among the new features, we can count the ability to send Edge collection to One Note, Word, or Excel as well as the ability to synchronize favorites and settings between Active Directory Profiles without the need to connect to the cloud.

Users who treasure privacy will also enjoy enhanced privacy controls. Collections performance is also improved, and the browser is able to read aloud PDF files. All of these changes are popular among many users and have contributed to the rising popularity of the browser despite a rather uninspired launch approach, with the browser being patched-in.

As the browser wars continue, the new Microsoft Edge is shaping up to be a mighty contestant.



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