New Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 Update Arrives with Major Changes

The battle royale genre may have been around for a few years. Still, it continues to remain popular, with Fortnite remaining the poster child as the popular title is enjoyed by millions of people across all over the world.

After several delays that have annoyed players, Epic Games has released the Season 3 update, and it is quite substantial. The update was teased via a large-scale event that took place last week as a giant wall of water surrounded the island, suggesting that a massive flood will take place.

Revamped map

The map has been flooded, and the western side of the island, which housed the Slurpy Swamp and Weeping have been submerged The Agency areas, which had been destroyed previously, appears to have been reconstructed in the form of a new fortress.

Boats play a bigger role in the game, and there are new ways of travelling across water, as players can water ski while being pulled by an angry shark. New NPC enemies are also present, and the Marauders, as they are called, pack a serious punch.

Waving in style

Proper cars might make an appearance at a later pot during the season, as it seems that the flood will not last forever. In time the water will recede and uncover new areas as well as roads. The introduction of cars could be a real game changer for the dynamics of a match as vehicular kills are popular in other battle royale titles.

Of course, the new season is also accompanied by a new battle pass that will grant access to a series of exclusive items to those who opt to purchase it. Customization continues to be a big focus this season, and players will have the opportunity to craft their umbrella by unlocking parts over time. Epic Games will likely share more details about what’s next for Season 3 in the following weeks.

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