New Google Assistant feature adds a personalized audio news feed option

Some people like to keep track of the news. They might be interested in a particular subject or just want to be up to date with whatever is happening in their country / area. However, watching the news could get a bit boring at times. Thankfully, Google developed an interesting solution. 

Starting today, Google’s Assistant can understand a new command: “play me to the news”, which will create a special playlist consisting of news presented in an audio form, sort of like stories. 

About the feature

The new feature is known as “Your News Update” and it is available for any device that has access to Google Assistant. Each new update will begin with a pack of short, general interest news snippets before reorienting to longer-form stories.

Google will choose the stories according to the user’s interest, location and browsing history, in concordance with the hottest news of the moment.

Google explained that the feature is based on analyzing what a user is saying in an audio file  to match stories accordingly. A chime will be played in between each news hit and the Assistant will let the user know which story they are about to be presented.

Enabling the feature

In order to turn this feature on, users have to launch the Google app and go to the Assistant settings page. From there, go to the “You” tab and search for the “News” tab, then look for the “Change your playlist format” option and pick “Your News Update”. Unfortunately, the feature is only available in the United States at the moment, but Google says that they are planning to make the feature available worldwide.

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