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New Google Chrome Upgrade Might Solve One of the Biggest Issues

A bunch of new Google Chrome features will help save the battery life and some reports say they’re on their way.

New Chrome features will soon be available and ready to solve the browser’s uncool tendency to hog our device’s memory and drain its battery. 

XDA Developers discovered the first method within Chrome’s bug-reporting site for devs. The feature focuses on the introduction of a “battery-saving” tag. Developers will be able to enable more specific battery-saving measures such as slowing down the speed of scripts running on the page or changing the page’s design. Here is what you need to know. 

A Much-needed Chrome Upgrade Will Arrive Soon: What to Expect

News about a Chrome upgrade that’ll change the browser’s tendency to drain our device’s battery or memory recently emerged. XDA Developers found about this on Chrome’s bug-reporting site for developers. 

The upgrade is said to bring a feature that developers might want to use to activate more specific battery-saving measures. By slowing down the speed of scripts running on the page, for instance, or changing the page’s design, we might enjoy better browsing and forget about all those battery issues. 

Another power-saving measure that XDA Developers found (first reported by Chrome Story) is something dubbed “LITTLE-core only,” a flag for the Android variant of Chrome. Such a feature forces the app to run only on CPUs “LITTLE” cores. So, a device with ARM-developed chipsets, like any Snapdragon processors, will be able to make Chrome run with the best power efficiency. 

The features are currently undergoing testing. Other Chrome upgrades are under development, as well, including a Back Forward Cache feature coming in Chrome 86 for Android. Such functionality will enable users to get the best browser experience. Google is also testing the throttling of background JavaScript timers, another effort to enhance our device’s battery life. More details should be released soon!



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