New Image Leak Suggest WB Montreal Will Release A Batman Game

The PS5 reveal event will take place soon, and many PlayStation fans are looking forward to learning more details about the next gaming console developed by Sony. It is anticipated that several video games will also be announced for the new console, and it appears that some leaks are already finding their way into the wild.

An image that appears to be from a new Batman Game developed by WB Montreal appears to have been leaked online in advance, and it has already started a new wave of rumors.

Batman Beyond logo

According to some people, the image seems to have been taken at the end of a trailer for the unannounced game, and it features the Batman Beyond stylized logo that has been spotted in previous leaks related to the WB Montreal video games studio.

Besides the logo, the phrase Capture the Knight is also visible, which suggests that this time our favorite protagonist might be the prey instead of the predator, at least for a while. PS4 and PS5 logos are also visible, suggesting that Sony may have acquired the marketing rights for the game, a strategy which was also used when Batman: Arkham Knight was released.

Several authenticity clues

Another detail spotted in the trailer is the logo of Blur Studios, a company that handles the creation of professional cinematics and trailers for video games. The company has worked with WB in the past, as it was responsible for the creation of the popular Arkham Origins cinematic, which highlighted the fight scene between Batman and Deathstroke.

The image also seems to have been captured off-screen as someone took it while the trailer was played on a monitor, a trait which reinforces ts authenticity since it can be quite hard to photoshop such images. Some sources argued that the next Batman game is based on the Batman: Court of Owls graphic novel.


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