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New iPad Pro Models Has Been Revealed

Apple has revealed new versions of the popular iPad Pro model, which comes with an assortment of new tricks and accessories that could make it quite popular among users. The Bionic A12Z chip packs eight cores and enough computing power to overtake many tablets and laptops.

Details on the new iPad Pro

Photography lovers will enjoy a new rear camera array that comes with an ultra-wide lens that can capture impressive images. It is accompanied by a powerful augmented reality LiDAR scanner that can map an entire room in a few seconds and bring to live fun applications like Hot Lava.

Besides the fun application, the sensor can also be harnessed by professionals to enhance their workflow and enjoy a better experience while using 3D modeling apps lake Shapr3D. As in the previous instance, the app will scan the room with the help of the sensors and construct an advanced 3D model. Users will have the option to make changes to the model and see how a new design will look in AR.

Another great addition is represented by the Magic Keyboard, which comes with a built-in trackpad and an interesting implementation. When a user moves his finger across it, the mouse pointer will morph to highlight specific elements of the user interface. By using multi-gestures, it is easy to switch between several apps without the need to lift for fingers from the keyboard.

The prices of the new iPad Pro models

Prospective buyers will also enjoy a premium audio experience with the help of studio-grade microphones and speakers that should render sounds in high-quality. A Liquid Retina panel takes advantage of the powerful hardware to please the eyes of the user with true nuances, fluid animations, and a clarity that rivals the one encountered on many professional monitors.

The base configuration is available at a price of $799 for the 11-in model and $999 for the 12.9 –inch model.



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