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New iPhone 12 Leak Infers That The Device Will Come Come With A LiDAR Sensor

Many iPhone users are already looking forward to the next generation of iPhone 12 flagship devices from Apple, with the company remaining quite popular in the high-end smartphone segment.

As always, the company is highly secretive and strives to keep any possible changes a secret until the reveal event takes place. However, the internet is filled with curios users that manage spot new details, and a new leak may offer an interesting bit of information about the camera array that will be present on the iPhone 12 range.

iPhone 12 models to sport a LiDAR sensor

The leak contains a render of what seems to be the rear camera setup, and a mysterious addition is present in the form of a fourth sensor on the lower left part of the camera bump. Apple has spent a significant amount of resources on the implementation of augmented reality features, and it is thought that the sensor could be a LiDAR one.

Owners of the iPad Pro already have the opportunity to play with the sensor, which can be quite useful in the case of games and for other purposed, including CAD projects.

Many apps and games that use augmented reality and the LiDAR sensor could be ported for the iPhones, but the addition of the sensor could increase the price of the smartphone range that is already notorious for the price tag.

Current data infer that Apple will release three iPhone 12 models, retaining the current scheme. This means that users will have the option to pick between a standard iPhone 12, an iPhone 12 Pro and a Pro Max version, as it was the case in 2019. The LiDAR sensor will likely be present in the case of the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max, serving as an extra reason to spend more cash to purchase one of these versions.



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