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New Joy-Con Patent Reveals Nintendo Could Add a Stylus to the Incoming Switch

It seems Nintendo has a few aces up its sleeve, this time in the form of a “touch pen” stylus. A new patent filing by Nintendo shows we could see a Nintendo Switch comes with a Stylus and a few more exciting features.

The company could have teased all of that in their recent Nintendo Direct, but they chose to have a Pokémon Direct earlier this month since they had no other announcements aside from the Pokémon titles and DLCs. We did see some Smash Bros. details, and we will get Animal Crossing: New Horizons in March, but other than this news, there’s nothing out there about the rumored Switch Pro.

New Joy-Con Patent Reveals Built-in Stylus

The patent has been filed in June 2019 and describes how the stylus will work with the touchscreen functionality and how it slides on the Joy-Con controllers.

The guys at LetsGoDigital have created high-quality renders based on this patent to help us make an idea about this new feature.

The Joy-Con patent shows a ‘touch pen’ stylus at the top, which can make the controller vibrate when it’s used to touch particular objects on the screen.

Looking at the images presented in the patent, we see the stylus is non-retractable so that it will be visible at all times. The touch pen can be used to draw shapes and make thicker lines by pressing the X button.

Nintendo must have chosen to create styluses for games such as Super Mario Maker 2 or Brain Training or other current games that could make use of it. However, we think that the company is probably going to add it so that incoming games could use this feature.

As with all patents, the stylus could show up in the coming years or could just remain a concept. Hopefully, we will learn more in the feature.



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