New Leak Offers Fresh Details About The Next iPhones

Many Apple fans are looking forward to the release of the first iPhone models of this decade, and there have been several leaks and rumors about the upcoming Apple devices.

A popular Japanese source has released as a shocking leak based on information collected from supply chain sources, including 3D-printed models of the four iPhone models that will be released by Apple this year. Some may be disappointed since the new leaks counters some of the older rumors, but it seems that Apple has big plans for the iPhone 13 range.

Not as different as some hoped

Despite the opinions shared by several analysits and the use of some new components, it seems that the 2020 iPhones won’t be too different from the 2019 ones. Apple is keen on keeping the looks introduced with the iPhone X in the form of the display notch, and the Lightning connector will be kept even if many envisioned models with USB-Type C ports.

The LiDAR sensor won’t make an appearance this year, which means that the iPhone Pro and Pro Max will retain the current triple-camera layout. It is mentioned that the iPhone 12 and 12 Max will feature a dual-camera setup, which is an improvement over the single sensor used by the iPhone 11.

Major revamp in 2021

A refreshed design will be one of the biggest traits of the iPhone 13, as it is anticipated that the aging notch will be replaced with a small-scale punch hole that will be able to house the front camera and the rest of the components needed for FaceID.

The Lightning placed will be replaced with the widely-popular and more convenient USB-Type C port, and the camera array will be upgraded to include five modules, with one of them being the LiDAR sensor. While the claims some believable, it is advised to take any leak with a grain of salt.

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