New leaks hint to a new Samsung phone packed with “the biggest battery yet”

A recent rumor says that Samsung is working on a new smartphone that will provide extreme battery life to surpass the latest iPhone. It is believed that the phone will be a more affordable, “Lite” edition of Samsung’s flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S10, released in March.

About the phone

This is not the first time in the history of the company when they choose to produce Lite versions of gadgets. For example, the “Tab A” tablet series is an affordable lineup derived from the Galaxy Tab S series. However, this will be the first time Samsung will re-release a flagship phone in the form of a lite version.

Slashleaks, a trusted source of leaks revealed details of a Samsung smartphone  sent to ANATEL, a Brazilian certification authority.

The document says that the budget Galaxy phone will feature a 4,370 mAh battery, which is over 1200 mAh more than the battery of the iPhone 11. Tests of the phone demonstrated that it can sustain at least 36 hours of intensive usage before needing to be recharged.

However, this is just a leak, so there is no guarantee that any of the presented information is accurate. Regardless, a Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite is most likely going to be released, as Forbes also reported earlier this year.

Selfie enthusiasts will be pleasantly surprised to learn that the handset will most likely feature two selfie cameras and two rear-facing cameras and will also pack similar hardware with the Galaxy S10.

Release date

Even though the phone isn’t even guaranteed to be released, analysts believe that, if it does actually exist, it will be released some time before Christmas in order not to interfere with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S11.

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