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New Marine Project Aims To Gather More Information About Fish

Canadian researchers are hard at work on a new project that explores new opportunities to track fish present in the Atlantic ocean and learn valuable information about their movement patterns and health. Such information would be useful for scientists and companies from all over the world.

The initiative,which is called Ocean Aware Project, has been revealed by the Canada Supercluster, a joint organization that involves the federal government and private businesses interested in the development of new innovative solutions and cutting-edge technology.


Several companies are already involved in the project, which is led by Innovasea. According to a press statement offered by the president of Innovasea, the project is quite important as it will offer crucial information about the way in which fish move in the ocean, while also allowing researchers to predict migration patterns and overall health.

Ocean Aware plans to develop new technology that would facilitate the goal of observing and gathering more data about fish. Predictive fishing would benefit from such information by allowing fishing ships to get to the best areas while also keeping a close eye on the number of available fish and reducing operational costs.

On a schedule

At this point in time, the project is in the first stage as new technology is being researched. These tools will be tested to ensure accuracy and precision before official information will be released. The project will also offer jobs in the ocean technology sector and across several regions of interest.

Some researchers are already excited by the new project since the new tools could offer the opportunity to learn more about specific marine ecosystems spread across the world, including their location and local populations.

Overall, the new tools could offer great benefits for research and businesses, while also ensuring that certain advancements do not affect marine life in a negative way.



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