New Microsoft Leak Shows Unexpected Surface!

The newest reports suggest that Microsoft is working on a mid-range Surface laptop, costing between $500 and $600.

The laptop will complement the current Surface lineup, be a competitor to the Chromebooks, and even the upcoming MacBook.

The Report

Zac Bowden, a reputable source, reported:

“According to my sources, Sparti has a 12.5-inch display with a 10th-generation Intel Core i5 processor, 4GB RAM, and 64GB storage in the entry-level model. It’ll ship with Windows 10 in S mode and be priced somewhere between $500 and $600. I’m told that Sparti is being positioned as a more affordable Surface Laptop, similar to how Microsoft positions the Surface Go alongside the Surface Pro today.”

He also added that the device’s codename is Sparti, but the naming will likely change when the laptop reaches the market.

One possible name for the new laptop would be Microsoft Surface Laptop Go.

More Details

You might be wondering why Microsoft chose to launch the new device during this time.

The Surface lineup can be seen as the concretization of Microsoft’s vision of a Windows device model.

It is not a matter of imagination anymore – a quick peek at other options available from specific manufacturers display multiple interpretations, but analyzing Microsoft’s past moves shows that the company used to be fond of using touch screens, convertible bodies, and 2-in-1 setups.

The company still covers such roles with the likes of the Surface Duo and Surface Neo.

The new Surface laptop would enter a fiercely crowded domain, but that doesn’t necessarily spell out failure.

Microsoft does a fantastic job offering traditional laptops for enterprise customers.

We believe that the laptop, considering its pricing point, would likely fit an office, educational, or regular consumer area of operation, mostly because of its price point, that doesn’t suggest flagship performance.

Stay tuned for more news regarding Microsoft’s next laptop!

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