New Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Leak Gives More Details On The Upcoming Device

The internet rumor machine is always hard at work as new leaks tend to appear constantly. After a recent leak offered hot details about the upcoming Surface Laptop 3, it seems that leakers have shifted their focus on the next Microsoft Surface Pro 7 model.

The latest leak focuses on the supposed features of the Surface Pro 7, and a major detail is highlighted. While some rumors have suggested that Microsoft could be working with AMD or Qualcomm to bring new chips to the family it seems that that is not the case for now.

Surface Pro 7 Specs

Several SKUs have been examined by a reliable source, and it seems that they will sport Intel’s tenth-gen processors. According to the report, the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 will allow users to pick between i3, i5 and i7 configurations. When it comes to RAM the i3 version will offer 4GB, 8GB will be available in the case of the i5 one while i7 will be accompanied by a beefy 16GB.

Internal storage space will vary from 128GB to 512GB, and the higher amounts will be available in the case of the more powerful model, a trend which was chased by previous incarnations of the popular device.

Many were not surprised by the decision. The Surface Book may be hailed as the brand’s fines, but the Surface Pro range is the preferred choice of many enterprise-level customers, and it is likely that Microsoft doesn’t want to the turn them away by changing hardware.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Release Date

It is thought that a spinoff product could rely on solutions provided by other chip manufacturers. The portability-focused Surface Go will be a great choice for the introduction of a Qualcomm-based configuration which could focus on a selection of specific applications.

More details on Microsoft Surface Pro 7 will be shared during a launch event which is scheduled to take place on October 2 in New York. Microsoft may unveil the new generation of Surface devices, among other new products.

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