New Motorola Smartphone Codenamed XT2055-2 “Blackjack” Spotted on FCC

A new Motorola smartphone was spotted in an FCC filing, and it seems like it will have a massive battery for a mid-range device. The product is called XT2055-2, and according to the publication Nashville Chatter, the new smartphone has been codenamed Blackjack by the company.

Here is the information found in the FCC filing:

The report shows this mid-range phone will come with a 5000 mAh battery capacity. This means that Motorola is focusing on delivering a beefy battery, as a compromise to some lower specs or features. While we don’t know enough information about this new smartphone, we’re pretty sure this will be a mid-range device just by looking at the fact that it won’t support dual-band Wi-Fi and will only come with support for Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n.

Blackjack” Size, Display and Other Details

According to the test report, we see a first look at the size of the device and its display. The phone should have a display of around 6.6 inches.

As for rumors and predictions, some people say that the XT2055-2 could be an Android One device. Rumors suggest the US FCC approved WLAN tests for this device in December 2019.

It appears there are two other country variants for the Blackjack device: XT2055-1 and XT2055-3.

Previous reports deny the fact that the Motorola XT2055-2 could be part of the Motorola G8 series since the model series is different – the rumored Motorola G8 Power is said to have XT2041 as its model series.

Another report says the Motorola XT2055-2 could be either a Motorola or a Lenovo smartphone, but with what information we have now, we cannot confirm these claims.

More models have been filed to FCC, and we spotted the XT2043-4, XT2043-5, and XT2043-6 models that come with a 4000 mAh battery capacity, and the XT2045-1 and XT2045-2 (both also spotted at EEC), XT2052-1 (spotted at WFA), and XT2053 models.

These devices are expected to be announced and launched soon, so Motorola should prepare for an official statement any day now. Check back on our Motorola page for more updates.

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