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New Petition Demands The Return Of The Windows 10 Classic Theme

A large number of people have embraced Windows 10 as it is installed on more than one billion devices across the world. The latest update released for the OS comes with a wealth of changes, among which we can count a dark theme, the Fluent design language, and the Start menu.

Several users have migrated to the OS after Microsoft retired the support for Windows 7 in January 2020. Many of them miss the look of the old OS and are disappointed by the design of Windows 10. While some users have asked Microsoft to offer the option to use a classic theme in the past, the company didn’t show any traces of interest for the development of such a feature.

Some users argue that the classic theme has been a core part of the user experience for more than 17 years, allowing the opportunity to enjoy a theme that is easy to use, low on resource consumption, and more convenient for those who do not like flashy features.

Windows 10 users petitioned for the return of the classic theme

Microsoft abandoned the classic theme with the introduction of Windows 8, encouraging users to enjoy the redesigned interface. However, heated debates surfaced, with many considering Windows 8 a failure because designers focused too much on a look that seems more at home on tablet devices.

The Redmond giant offered a compromise in the form of a streamlined Start menu. Still, complaints continue to surface even today, with select users claiming that Microsoft willfully ignores the opportunity to add a feature that would encourage more users to switch to a modern version of Windows.

Those who love the classic theme have the option to third-party software to bring back the nostalgic look, but a default option would reduce the need to go through extra steps. Some less tech-savvy users are also tricked into downloading malicious software, which promises to restore the feature but comes with potent malware.



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