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New PlayStation 5 Details Emerged On The Internet

The PS4 was released almost five years ago, and it is the most popular gaming console of the current generation. More than 100 million PlayStation 4 units have been sold, an impressive achievement that makes it the second bestselling console in the world. Sony is currently hard at work on the PlayStation 5, and the device is shaping up to be a mighty beast that could offer an impressive experience.

The possible release date for PlayStation 5

According to the Sony CEO, the upcoming device will bring a significant jump in graphics quality and performance. The difference should be even more significant than that between the PS3 and PS4. Read below to learn more about the specs and features of the upcoming device.

An exact date is not available at this point, but the console will be available on the market during the 2020 holiday season. It is likely that it will be released at the same time or before Microsoft will deliver the Xbox Series X.

The Specs of PS5

The specs of the console will be quite mighty as Sony signed a deal with AMD. According to the hottest rumors, the device will sport an 8-core AMD chipset based on the third generation of the award-winning Ryzen architecture. AMD will also provide the GPU in the shape of the custom Navi solution.

It was stated in the past that an advanced SSD solution would minimize loading times, with the longest ones being under ten seconds. While the custom SSD will offer remarkable performance, some users will likely prefer to use simpler SSD models that feature a higher capacity and can be swapped to avoid the need to install or delete games when new titles are released.

One of the most anticipated features of PlayStation 5 is the native support for ray-tracing, a technology that offers impressive visual effects. Physical disks for the unit will contain up to 100GB of data, and the console will also provide the option to play Blu-ray content at 4K.



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