New Reports Mention A Major Problem For iPhone Users

Apple has faced a lot of backlash from fans as recent iOS updates have introduced more bugs instead of bug fixes, attracting the ire of many users who rely on an iPhone as their daily device for a variety of purposes.

A new issue has surfaced recently as a series of posts have appeared across several forums and social media platforms, as users have reported that the display of their iPhone doesn’t work well. In some cases, the problem seems to have been created by a recent iOS update, but Apple has already accepted some cases as a hardware fault, and the screens will be replaced.

Odd flaw

The defect is quite strange as an annoying green tint will appear across the entire display, distorting the colors that should be shown. In some cases, it only happens when they use their iPhone in a low-light environment. Others have mentioned that occurs when the device is unlocked, and a few stated that it is permanent.

A few early signs were reported when Apple released the iOS 13.4 update, and it is thought that the problem was aggravated by the release of iOS 13.5 and iOS 13.5.1, at least according to some voices.

Common link

For now, it seems that the problem tends to appear in the case of iPhone devices, which feature an OLED panel, and this may be one of the important factors. While some users argued that the issue might be caused by a software glitch, others have stated that they have taken screenshots that were opened on another device, and colors were normal, inferring that a hardware flaw could be the culprit.

Apple has acknowledged some cases and allowed the resellers to replace the screen of the device for free, with the defect being covered by the warranty. An official announcement related to the issue could be offered by Apple in the following days.

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