New Research Breakthrough For Pokemon GO Has Been Unveiled

Pokemon GO unveils the next Research Breakthrough Pokemon for this fall, and we should really be excited. 

September is around the corner, and with it arrives a new Research Breakthrough for Pokemon GO. We’ll get access to a useful and competitive Pokemon that has been encountered a lot in raid battles.

The Electric/Psychic Alolan Raichu is the Pokemon in question. It will be available from September 1 at 1 PM PDT to October 1, 1 PM PDT. Here is what you need to know.

Pokemon GO’s Upcoming Research Breakthrough Details: What to Expect

The newest Research Breakthrough will arrive soon for Pokemon GO fans, and Alolan Raichu could become players’ best addition. This Pokemon is one of the shinies that many of us struggled to get. Maybe a month of Research Breakthrough will get us close to it. 

The mouse Pokemon can mix sleek Electric and Psychic moves to create a competitive fighter and versatile raiding, so it’s clearly one that we should add to our collection. Alolan Raich is, however, weak to Dark, Bug, Ghost, and Ground. The trade-off is that it is powerful against Steel, Flying, Electric, and Psychic. This Pokemon can also be efficient in a competition if used accurately. 

Alolan Raichu can know Volt Switch, Thunder Shock, and Spark. As for charged attacks, it has access to Psychic, Grass Knot, Wild Charge, and Thunder Charge. Wild Charge and Volt Switch are usually the sleekest options, but Psychic might prove to be useful, too. 

While Alolan Raichu is a might form of regular Raichu, it won’t use any Pokemon GO Mega Evolution mechanics. Its forms are mega in the sense that they are compelling alternative ways to use the Pokemon. They’re not as strong as most Mega Evolution forms. 

Until anything else is unveiled, we should prepare out battle teams to fit the Electric/Psychic Pokemon. 

Pokemon GO was launched on iOS and Android devices.

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