New Study Shows That The Deep Sea Is Warming

A new study elaborated by a team of researchers notes than temperatures recorded in the deep sea tend to vary more than it was expected. A warming phenomenon has been identified.

The researchers surveyed hourly temperature recordings that have been gathered over more than ten years. Data was collected with the help of moorings placed across strategic places in the Argentine Basin of the Atlantic Ocean, which is located near Uruguay. Three depth ranges were used, with the deepest one being 4,757 meters (or 15,600 feet).

Warming signs

A warming trend ranging between 0.02 to 0.04 degrees Celsius was observed across all the sites. While the number might seem low, the temperature of the deep sea tends to be very stable, and temperature fluctuations used to be incredibly minor, reaching the thousandth of a degree in the past.

The increase seems to be tied to warming tendencies, which have been observed in shallow regions of the ocean. Such changes have been linked to climate change caused by humans, but more research is needed to determine why deep-sea temperatures are being affected.

Difficult research

Scientists have measured surface and shallow ocean temperatures for a long time, but it is quite difficult to gather information about the deep sea, and the tools which are needed for such research are also very expensive since it is quite difficult to reach the required depth with conventional approaches.

The equipment used by the team for their study featured a built-in temperature sensor that was more than able to collect accurate information. With the help of the sensors, the team obtained access to an impressive amount of data about the temperature at a distance that was really close to the seafloor.

New data about ocean temperatures could help researchers to learn more about temperature fluctuations in the atmosphere. The study was published in a scientific journal.

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