New Survey Suggest That PS5 Is Already More Popular Than Xbox Series X

Both Microsoft and Sony have spent a lot of time and money on marketing for the new generation of consoles, with each company highlighting the main features of their device and sparking heated discussions.

While the price of the new consoles remains a mystery, for now, it is unlikely that most console gamers would purchase both devices at the same time. A pop culture marketing agency conducted a survey among more than 3,000 fans of a popular convention, asking which console was the most anticipated one.

Sony wins the popularity prize

According to the answers offered during the survey, the PS5 is the most anticipated one, as it was named by 84% of the respondents, while only 16% mentioned the Xbox Series X as their first choice. This leads to an impressive ration of 6 to 1.

One of the most interesting facts uncovered by the survey is that while people seem to be excited by the PS5, they aren’t as interested in PS5 exclusive titles. Cyberpunk 2077 is the most anticipated video game according to the survey, and it’s a current-generation title that will also arrive on the new consoles.

The difference between wanting and buying

Despite the interest in PS5, it is also worth noting that only 37% of the respondents mentioned that they would buy a console at launch. This number could be influenced by other business or marketing decisions taken by Sony and Microsoft before launch.

Sony already anticipates that it will sell more than 150 million PS5 units during the lifecycle of the console, and its factories are hard at work, as the tech giant aims to ship more than 10 million units by the end of 2020.

Only time will tell which of the new console models will be more popular, but for now, it’s clear that the console wars have been revived.

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