Nexon and HyperX announce a contest to promote KartRider Rush+

Mario Kart Tour is one of the most popular mobile racing games, but new content has appeared and seems determined to steal the crown from the champion.

KartRider Rush+ is the latest entry in the popular racing games series released by Nexon, and the game is shaping up to be a great competitor. A fun contest has been announced to mark the release of the game, and players will have the chance to earn excellent rewards provided by HyperX, which is renowned for making high-quality gaming accessories.

The KartRider franchise has been quite popular overseas, with more than 300 million players. Nexon released the first game in the franchise more than fifteen years ago, and several versions have been released over the years. A new mainline entry is in development under the name of KartRider Drift, which should be released later in 2020 for Microsoft Windows PCs and Xbox One consoles.

KartRider Rush+ will come with a variety of new and interesting features that will keep players engaged and ready to showcase their racing skills. Nexon has been hard at work on the development of the title, which comes with a generous amount of content at launch as there are 50 different tracks and more than 20 individual karts from which players can choose.

Five different game modes will be available, and new players are encouraged to opt for the Story mode, which introduces many of the pilots and the other racing modes. Speed Mode will test drifting skills as players compete against each other in several challenges. Time Trial will show who can master the track and get the best times possible. Arcade Mode offers a relaxed gameplay experience while those who are more competitive will enjoy the Rank mode, which comes with several ranks.

Visit the official Twitter page of the game to participate in the contest and have the chance to win a HyperX headset or a ChargePlay Clutch.

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