Next PUBG Lite Update Will Finally Bring The Vikendi Map

PUBG Mobile LITE features fast-paced matches and a smaller map made for 60 players, providing a more exhilarating combat experience in the traditional PUBG MOBILE setting. When duty calls, fire away freely on the battlefield for survival!

The total of three maps that PUBG Lite game currently runs is the Player’s Unknown Battleground famous maps Erangel, Miramar, and Sanhok. These game maps were the only ones released in the game since PUBG Lite was launched in the video game market.

Ever since PUBG Lite was released globally, a great deal of the game players has requested a fourth map of the PUBG. Finally, after so many PUBG Lite updates, the game developers have decided to listen to the public’s opinion and release a new map in the latest update of the game. Thanks to the users’ feedback, the Vikendi map will be included in PUBG Lite!

Vikendi will arrive in PUBG Lite soon

Before including the new map in the global servers of the game, the developers’ team made the decision to open the beta test servers for the Vikendi map first. This move will help the PUBG Lite team gather the reports from its users related to bugs and glitches in order to fix the issues before releasing the update to the whole world.

According to the PUBG Lite official blog, information regarding the Pre-Registrations of Vikendi map update was posted a few days ago. Please refer to the official website for the Pre-Registrations form and the rest of the details. The registered users will be awarded a weapon skin and outfit set as soon as the event end.

The exact roll-out date for the Vikendi map in PUBG Lite is yet to be announced by the officials. However, we can expect the Vikendi map update to arrive in PUBG Lite in the second week of January 2020!

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