Nintendo Plans To Launch A New Paper Mario RPG Title

It is highly speculated that Nintendo has under development a new Paper Mario project. The game could be launched as a special event of Super Mario Bros. 35th anniversary. Plans of releasing remasters of games from previous Nintendo consoles might see the arrival of a new game, and a return to the RPG design. Also, Nintendo might get back some fans of the genre.

Nintendo Plans on Releasing a Mario RPG Game

Many sources already claimed such an event, according to Venturebeat. An upcoming Paper Mario game is currently under development. The game will allow fans to enjoy a “return to that franchise’s roots,” from the Nintendo 64 era and Gamecube. Such a thing includes a comeback to the RPG design, as well.

Paper Mario was initially launched back on August 10, 2000, as Super Mario RPG 2. It was available for the Nintendo 64, and it gained lots of praise and commercial success. For many players, it was one of the most genuine Mario experience. Back in 2007, we witnessed a re-release of the game, but on the Wii this time, and Wii U later in 2015.

More About Paper Mario

Paper Mario followed the same plot as other Mario installments. It brought a mix of 2D characters and 3D environments, in which the heroes look like they were made of paper. Another successful Paper Mario installment worth mentioning was Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.

The game was released for the Gamecube back in 2004. Fans and critics highly appreciated the complex storyline of the game. Paper Mario’s latest installments in the series witnessed lots of negativity and weren’t so well-received by fans. The Super Mario 35th anniversary event could arrive on Nintendo Switch, due to the console’s success. Recently, reports indicated that the console reached 50 million units sold globally.

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