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Nintendo Switch Is Optimistic About The Future — Xbox Series X and PS5 Are Not a Threat

We believe that 2020 will be a massive year for gaming. We are waiting for more and more games to hit the market, and we are also waiting for Sony’s PlayStation 5 and Microsoft’s Xbox Series X to launch towards the end of the year. But what about Nintendo Switch?

We all see how both Sony and Microsoft are improving their technology, so we are also asking ourselves what Nintendo has to say about its future. Are they worried about their impact on Switch in the following years? It does not seem so.

Nintendo doesn’t fear about PS5 and Xbox Series X

In a recent report, the president of Nintendo, Shuntaro Furukawa, has talked about the rival consoles: “We will explain the specific figures for the next fiscal year in our next fiscal year announcement, but I think there will certainly be a change in the environment as new products of our competitors appear.”

He thinks that the target audience for Switch is completely different than the target audience for its rivals. Because of this, Furukawa stated that they do not believe that the business trends of the other companies will really matter that much when it comes to their company.

Nintendo Switch comes as an addition to the other game consoles

According to a survey, more than 40% of the people who own a Nintendo Switch console, who are from the US, also own a PS4 or an Xbox One. And that because there are many exclusive Nintendo titles only for Nintendo Switch.

The company does not believe that its 2020 sales will be affected in any way since Nintendo Switch “isn’t a substitute” to all of these rival consoles, but an addition. We indeed believe that the Nintendo’s future is bright and optimistic. They have shown their place on the market, and we do think that the company will soon come with something new for their fans.



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