Nintendo Switch To Receive Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team Remake In March, Pokemon Sword and Shield Expansions Announced

Nintendo Direct took place earlier today and in 20 minutes, it announced a bunch of new Pokemon content. Honestly, it should have been called Pokemon Direct by the looks of it! With that being said, let’s see the announcements which include the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX and the Pokemon Sword and Shield Expansions.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX

The 2006 dungeon-crawling ‘Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team’ is coming to the Nintendo Switch with a new art style, better 3D visuals and more. Don’t think of it as a remake, it’s more of a reimagination of the classic the Game Boy Advance roguelike.

There’s going to be a demo available today, and the full game will be arriving on Switch on March 6!

If you haven’t played the 2006 version, the plot of the game is the human player that has been transformed into a Pokemon and sent into a Pokemon world which he has to save. You will partner with others to explore dungeons in a roguelike fashion, encountering enemies and more.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Expansions Coming in 2020

Aside from the announcement of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX, we also learned about the expansion pass for Pokemon Sword and Shield, which will come with over 200 existing Pokemon. The content will arrive in the games in the forms of stories.

The first stories are called The Isle of Armor (to be released in June 2020) and Crown Tundra, (to be released in Fall 2020). The Isle of Armor will also include new clothes, rivals, and new Pokémon, such as the legendary Pokemon Kubfu, with Gigantimax as the starter.

The Crown Tundra is more focused on exploration, as it takes place in a remote frozen outpost. It will also feature the legendary Pokemon, Calyrex, and a new type of co-op play.

The expansion pass will let players use their save data and monsters in the new stories in Galar. The stories will take place on seamless maps, such as the Wild Area we have in Pokemon Sword and Shield, but a much bigger one. It’s fair to say that this is great news for Pokemon Sword and Shield players.

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