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No Straight Roads Release Date Was Officially Announced

The release date for No Straight Roads (NSR)​ has just been revealed by sold Out and developer Metronomik, – June 30th, 2020​ – as well as some information about the title’s Collector’s Edition.

The action-adventure game now comes with an indie rock band duo attempt to defeat the EDM record label giant in a world of music. Players can use instruments and music to change the world, and also to attack opponents to the rhythm of the music.

The No Straight Roads’ Collector’s Edition

No Straight Roads’ Collector’s Edition, which was also detailed in the press release, comes with a PlayStation 4 version of the title, a presentation box, a double-sided 12″ vinyl LP with a collection of the game’s soundtrack, a 64-page “Art of NSR” artbook, and a pair of official drumsticks. Pre-orders for the Collector’s Edition can be made for $69.99.

Players are supposed to take back Vinyl City using music. They embark on an adventure as indie band members Mayday and Zuke to produce a musical revolution against the EDM empire. After they are unfairly rejected in their audition to join No Straight Roads​, the two members reveal the malicious intentions behind the label. It all depends on them – and by extension, on the player – to save the city from corruption.

No Straight Roads’ Key Features

The game comes with unique features and content, which makes it different from most titles in this genre. The fact that No Straight Roads​ puts music and sound at the very heart of the gameplay is a great thing and an exciting approach.

In No Straight Roads​, music is used as power in fighting an evil empire and lead a revolution to take back control of the city. There are two characters, and each of them has their own music-based weapons and attacks.

Players can attack, jump, as well as move freely while the rivals attack – all this to the rhythm of the music. By harnessing the power of the music, you’d be able to shift props into weapons and shift between rock and EDM smoothly and actively.

The game has eight different levels, all inspired by various genres of music. You get to beat giant bosses with exciting personalities and listen to an energetic soundtrack filled with great music. You can also upgrade your skill tree to enhance your abilities.

All in all, No Straight Roads​ is an interesting title with unique gameplay. The launch is expected to take place in June, and hopefully, everything will go according to plan, so we get to play it soon.



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