NordPass Update 2.4 Includes Fixes For Visual Bugs

The advent of powerful smartphones has brought a large number of features and services in the palms of our hands. However, most of the features are also tied to the need for a user account, and it can become quite complicated to manage several accounts, even on a single device.

NordPass is a robust password manager developed by the makers of NordVPN, which is one of the most popular and well-known VPN services on the market, with more than 14 million active users across the world.

Maximum security         

The use of the state-of-the-art XChaCha20 encryption algorithm and a zero-logs policy will ensure that your sensible credentials are known only by you. Free your mind from the need to remember passwords for several accounts as NordPass can store them for you in a fast, secure, and convenient way.

A dedicated autosave option will offer the option to save passwords when a website or app is used, so there is no need to waste time by adding them manually. NordPass can also autofill your credentials so you can log in faster on your favorite apps and websites.

Handy features

Users also have the option to create military-grade passwords with the help of a password generator. The main advantage of using such passwords is that they are so complicated that an attacker would need to spend years on brute-force attacks, and it unlikely that they will have the patience to do so

NordPass is also compatible with a larger number of platforms as it works on smartphones, tablets, PCs. It is also available as an extension for your internet browser. Save sensitive data within the app with the high-performance OCR scanner, so you can always have access to your credit card details or other information.

The latest update for the Android app, 2.4, comes with new visual bug fixes and stability improvements.

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