Nox Security 1.5.3 Update Rolls Out With Adjustments

Nox Security is free to download and use security and antivirus applications. Packed with virus cleaner, Wi-Fi and message security, notification, and app blocker, Nox Security is used by more than five million people. The app packs a plethora of interesting and useful features, such as junk cleaner, battery saver, and so on. Here are a few key features Nox Security offers to its users.

Nox Security Features

Virus Protection

Nox Security offers users amazing protection for their mobile phones and defends against various types of malware, such as viruses, spyware, hackers, rootkits, online fraud, and much more. The app provides users with the possibility to clean viruses and also protect their private files and keep them safe.

Notification Block

The security app features a powerful and effective notification blocker and manager. Users can enable the notification blocker if they want to stop receiving junk notifications from the smartphone’s jamming. The option works by blacklisting all the apps that send annoying junk notifications and keeps the device clean.

Message Security

With this particular option, Nox Security helps users prevent others from peeking at your notification preview as soon as they open the message security function.

Junk Cleaner and Memory Booster

​Nox Security provides the option to clean the junk gathered in the smartphone, including system cache, junk files, app cache, useless APKs, residual files, and AD cache. Users can also manage and uninstall applications they don’t use anymore to make some more space that will boost the storage and speed the performance of the device.

Block Unwanted Calls

The app features the option to block unwanted calls like the spam ones, telemarketing, and robocalls. Simply add the unwanted numbers to the block list in the app, and you won’t be bothered anymore.

Protect Apps and Keep the Privacy

Nox Security has the option of locking all Android applications and give the user’s phone privacy protection by enabling a pattern and number lock. Users can choose it to lock their private apps, files, and avoid being opened by other people.

Real-Time Protection for Anti-Theft

Besides getting the basic features needed in a cleaner, such as a device scanning, protection from various types of malware, it can also monitor real-time devices. The real-time protection defends users against malware, viruses, phishing, rootkits, spyware, and banker Trojans.

Other key features include network detection, security check, and battery saver. The network protection feature helps users stay safe from any network attacks and the Wi-Fi security option aids in verifying the security status of the nearby networks. The battery saver helps in improving battery life by hibernating apps that run in the background.

Nox Security 1.5.3 Update

Nox Security receives regular updates, each of them rolling out with new improvements and brand new features. The latest release, Nox Security 1.5.3 update, has the algorithm adjusted, so it offers a more effective cleaning effect for users worldwide and comes with a few bug fixes and overall performance improvement. Moreover, the app is now compatible with different smartphone models for a more amazing interface experience.

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