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Nvidia GeForce Asks Users To Help the Researcher on Coronavirus Using Their Gaming PCs

Nvidia GeForce requests all the PC players to deliver extra GPU power more accessible to researchers, tirelessly examining the COVID-19 virus. Nvidia’s latest project seems so innovative yet daring and supportive. As it encourages PC players to lend their computing power to researchers.

As coronavirus outbreaks concern us so much, and the world has turned upside down, such a call from Nvidia developers is necessary. Researchers worldwide are gathering to comprehend the virus better and produce possible vaccines.

The search became endless, and their work one of the most significant tasks the world could’ve seen so far. Research labs are in a constant need for computational resources, and Nvidia’s decision to step in might bring unexpectedly good help.

Nvidia GeForce Call for Help Might Be Very Useful Against Coronavirus

Dubbed, “Science at home,” such tasks is an effort to crowdsource extra resources from the broad public for scientific study. Nvidia’s call for help is one of many projects where volunteers lend GPU or CPU resources remotely. One of the first projects was UC Berkely’s SETI@Home.

It got additional PC power from the public. Tasks such as SETI@Home work involves downloading a free software letting computers at the lab to access someone’s PC hardware. With the extra resources, immensely accelerated scientific variants and extensive data sets can work better.

Nvidia chose to team up with the online PCMasterRace community, to help Folding@Home (FOH). FOH is a computing mission centering on disease examination. The purpose uses thousands of PC to access idle computing performance. It was developed by Professor Vijay Pande and the Pande Lab. All data produced through the mission is shared with the scientific society. If you’re interested in joining the task and help researchers using your PC, download the necessary software from here.



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