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Omlet Arcade 1.72.6 Update Brings New Features and Bug Fixes

We live in an age of streaming, as it is easier than ever to watch your favorite content across a large selection of devices. Many mobile gamers have started to share their passion with others by streaming gameplay.

As a streamer, it is important to use great tools, and Omlet Arcade has you covered. It offers everything you need to share legendary moments, stream your experience, play along with friends, and enhance a wide assortment of popular mobile games.

World of streaming

Bring your gaming skills and personality to the screen of other users by streaming some of the most popular mobile games in the world: PUBG Mobile, Brawl Stars, and Minecraft are only some of the titles which are available. Users can stream their content to several platforms, including Twitch, YouTube, Facebook Gaming, or Omlet.

Enhance your streams with dedicated overlays that are seasonal or customized for specific games. It is easy to share the love for streamers by sending Omlet tokens, which can be spent to gain access to additional in-app features.

Lots of features

Join a fun gaming community and play in matches hosted by your favorite streamers or watch pro players as they score wins and can teach you how to be better. Create your own squad, bring some friends along for the ride, and stream together for the ultimate gameplay experience! Stay in touch and plan strategies with built-in voice chat capabilities. There is also the option to join themed clubs.

Those who opt to purchase a premium subscription will gain access to additional features.  Special profile frames with impressive animations, exclusive HUDs that look awesome, and multi-streaming to several platforms at the same time are only some of the great features that can be unlocked.

The 1.72.6 update comes with the option to toggle internal values and check the network status while streaming. Several bug fixes are also included.



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