One Piece Bounty Rush 33200 Update Comes With New Bug Fixes

One Piece is one of the most popular anime and manga series in the world, with millions of fans who enjoy the journeys and adventures faced by Luffy and the crew.

One Piece Bounty Rush players can enjoy a thrilling gameplay experience as they become iconic One Piece characters and wage battle against rivals in exciting 4vs4 PvP matches. Prepare your fingers, plan your strategy, and be ready to beat your opponents in the battle for glory and showers of Berry coins!

Battle for treasures

Accept the challenge and enter the fray in a fun take on the popular capture the flag concept. Two teams of players will duck it out on the field as they seek to collect the highest amount of treasures as fast as possible. Grab those Berry coins fast, or others may take them!

Play as some of the most popular One Piece characters, including Luffy and Zolo. Pick characters carefully to create a balanced team that can handle any challenge that may arise and collect Character Fragments to unlock even more playable characters without the need to pay a dime.

Many features

Choose between three character classes in the form of Attackers, Defenders, and Runners. Each comes with unique skills and features that can turn the tide during a match. Show your prowess in battle and increase the grade of your characters as you win fights. Play alone or with friends and enjoy countless hours of entertainment!

Explore a beautifully-rendered 3D world that will make the One Piece universe available on your smartphone. Roam the wild seas and fight at a memorable location from the anime, including the arid Alabasta Desert Kingdom or the well-known Baratie Restaurant. Collect powerful One Piece items during matches to gain the upper hand and crush your rivals!

New performance improvements and bug fixes arrive with the 33200 update.


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