OnePlus 8: Are We Getting the Device in April?

OnePlus 8 might be here sooner than expected. According to some rumors, the next phone will be here during the second week of April, between the 6th and the 10th. It probably won’t be uncovered over the weekend.

New Rumors About the Upcoming OnePlus 8 Smartphones

We don’t know how good the source is, but the date is not unlikely, but definitely earlier than the previous release schedules. The OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro were first introduced on May 14th, 2019, before hitting the market in June. OnePlus 6 hit the market on May 22nd, 2018, which means that an April 2020 launch would be much earlier than expected at first glance.

It would be about six months since OnePlus 7T and OnePlus 7T Pro have hit the market. The latter was available to buy in October 2019. This six-month cycle is not unusual for OnePlus, the Chinese tech company, which wants to update its phones every year in order to make the clients happy by giving them access to the latest available technology on the market. It is quite the strategy, and it suits OnePlus best. They will probably not change it for 2020, which means that OnePlus 8T will be here before the end of the year.

The OnePlus 8 Series Might Come Out In April

If they go for an earlier launch date, there are probably many other things changed with OnePlus 8. Rumor has it, and there are three different phones to be launched at the event: OnePlus 8, OnePlus 8 Pro, and a new OnePlus 8 Lite.

OnePlus has released three versions of its phone before, so we are not dealing with a unique situation here (remember the OnePlus McLaren Edition?). But this is the first new product line for the brand. As rumors have it, there will also be wireless charging for these future OnePlus 8 devices that might launch next month.

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