OnePlus 8 Will Be the First OnePlus Model To Introduce Wireless Charging

The OnePlus 8 lineup proves it will exceed everyone’s expectations, especially its competitors. As no other OnePlus smartphone has offered the wireless charging feature, the upcoming series will change that.

The company announced that OnePlus 8 would arrive with wireless charging, and it will be the fastest yet. The Warp Charge feature will charge the smartphone to 50 % in only 30 minutes.

OnePlus 8 Series Will Arrive with Fast Wireless Charging

When wireless charging was first introduced, it was clear that the charging experience was enhanced approximately 100 %. OnePlus achieved such a thing by using a chip that activates real-time communication between the phone and charger. The chip assists in handling the charger’s voltage and current to increase the overall performance.

By linking those two pioneering technologies, the Warp Charge was made possible. The charger of 30W ensures your device goes from 1 % to 50 % in 30 minutes. Such fast speed, however, will be available only on the OnePlus 8 series. Other Qi-compatible smartphones are limited to 5W.

OnePlus, however, explained that users could utilize almost any third-party wireless charger for an OnePlus smartphone.

OnePlus 8 Series Promises To Be Successful

The highly effective charge raise guarantees a charge performance of almost 97 % and diminishes the amount of energy turned into heat. Warp Charge is developed with the same functionalities as that of a kill switch.

The isolated charge raise turns off irregular currents, and voltages are caught. This feature supports your smartphone to keep a stable and safe charge while powering up.

The Warp Charge is also very fashionable. You can place your smartphone on the charging pad, and do whatever you want until the charge is complete. Forget about the nuisance of plugging your device into charging mode. Warp Charge is more accessible and comfortable. OnePlus 8 lineup promises to be a successful one.

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