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OnePlus And McLaren Say Goodbye To Their Phone Partnership

OnePlus will release McLaren editions of its smartphones no more!

According to a McLaren spokesperson, the smartphone manufacturer and the high-performance car brand have ended their partnership.

Rumors about the end of the two companies’ collaboration appeared when McLaren removed OnePlus from its list of Formula 1 partners on its official website.

Official Statement

An official McLaren spokesperson stated:

“Our partnership with OnePlus, which came to its scheduled conclusion recently, has been a highly successful collaboration between two iconic and innovative brands. Since the start of this partnership in 2018, OnePlus has been a supportive, valued partner, and we wish them well and hope to see them in the future.”

The spokesperson did not mention why the two companies scheduled an end to their partnership so soon. 

It appears that the two brands have just decided not to renew their contract after their collaboration ended.

High Performance 

OnePlus’ McLaren smartphones were beefed up counterparts to their basic models. The OnePlus 6T McLaren features 10GB of RAM instead of the regular 6GB or 8GB models.

The OnePlus 7T Pro is another great performer, packing 12GB of RAM and 5G connectivity, which aren’t included on the regular 7T Pro.

Earlier this year, OnePlus also displayed a smartphone named Concept One, which is clad in papaya-hued leather that can also be found on some models from McLaren. 

However, the device was just a concept model. The fact that the collaboration between the two giants has ended probably means that it will never be released, which is unfortunate. The device had great potential, thanks to its looks and the company’s great technological leap over recent years.

OnePlus smartphones are unique and perform admirably, comparable to many flagships from other companies that cost two or three times more.




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